Back to School for Jen!

My outlooks on life and business ownership are quite similar: I aim to amass as much information and experience as possible.  I’m comfortable in the classroom, where ever that may be. 

This month I am embarking on a weeklong class of bartending 101.  My knowledge up to this point has been enough to entertain friends and give me confidence when ordering out.  Considering my recent endeavor to actually own a bar, I realized it was time to raise my own.

I have received glances of skepticism when mentioning this class time. I cannot argue that applied knowledge is a preferred method for comprehension.  However, when attending seminars, classes, lectures, whatever, I always say to myself… “If I can walk away with one new idea, one new way of thinking about someone/something, one new way of doing something better, it was all worth it.”

Check back to see my updates on how I make it through. I wonder if they give us grades or if it’s a pass/fail system? Truth be told, I am a little competitive.