I am a list maker.  At times it borders on the absurd.  Over the years I’ve jotted down interesting first names, brainstormed on dry erase boards, scoured dictionaries, and of course shared those late nights while I’m intoxicated with friends and in the midst of a conversation about nothing relating to bar names someone proclaims “that’s the one!”  Sadly there isn’t a clever back story on how our name came about.  

I’m pretty sure I was looking through one of my favorite books Schott’s Miscellany and the word brimmer jumped out at me.   Its definition is simple: A glass so full that the liquid touches the brim.  And heeltap serves as the opposite: the tiny amount of residue in your glass that you can never seem to retrieve. 

My vision all along has been to create a gastro-pub that serves as a gathering place for good food, good drink, and good company and has the feel that it has always been there.  You come in for a full glass and leave when that one or more are empty.  I can’t wait to introduce you to Brimmer & Heeltap.