Penny Profiler #6

Kathleen & Brian Kemly via their dog Luna.  Their pup deserves the credit on this one.  If it weren’t for her, we might never have met. Neighbors can be a delightful experience, especially those with outgoing and charismatic personalities, not to mention chickens in their backyard with fresh eggs!   We’ve been known to float a river together, take hikes, drink vino, and picnic in the backyard.  Kathleen is an amazing visual artist that has a business illustrating children’s books ( and Brian is a talented electrician whose fleet can be spotted in and around the greater metro area (  I’m not sure if its part of the job description, but Brian is one of the best dirty joke tellers ever.  Kathleen is likely shuttering at the thought of me posting this but coming from someone who can barely remember them to tell, Brian recites them as though it’s a performance with perfect pitch and captivating authority.  All joking aside, I look forward to many more shared memories.  As neighbors and friends, my life is fuller with them a part of it.  Thanks for the sweet jar of Lincoln heads!