Viva la Daiquiri

Rum is quickly becoming my little darling.  I hope we see a resurrection for this classic drink. 

2 ounces Light Rum
1 ounce fresh lime juice
½ tsp. simple syrup

Put some Cuban music on and shake like you mean it.  Strain into a cocktail glass & garnish with a lime.
Like any good story there is controversy over the details of origin on this drink.  History and the dictionary point to lemon being the citrus of choice.  Blasphemy! 

The record states an American gets credit for this but I’m guessing the same people declared Columbus discovered America.  In any case history states that an American engineer by the name of Jennings Cox went to the little island off Cuba to work in the iron mines with his fellow comrades.  It was created after Mr. Coxs’ beverage of choice - gin - diminished and rum was added in its place. 

Regrettably, the Daiquiri’s reputation and good name have suffered since the emergence of happy hour Slurpee’s across the U.S. (no offense Elizabeth).  The true, more subtle frozen version was invented at the La Florida in Havana, allegedly inspired by Ernest Hemingway.  There is a place for in my heart and tastebuds for both versions.