Lessons from the Floor

I have been mostly working lunches at Taste these days during the Gauguin exhibit.  To be expected, I’ve overheard a few stories and been a part of a few memorable ones.  So far some of the things that will stick with me from these walls include:

Table 31.  A two top, one elderly woman and man.  They paid separately and she stayed a little longer than he did.  As I was checking back on her to refill her coffee she inquired if I was single or dating or married.  I let her know that I was single and taking applications. She told me the man she was with is her ex and what a pain the ass he is.  She encouraged me to take my time and really know what I was getting into.  I thanked her for the advice, it certainly made me smile.

Table 32.  Three generations of women sit down in my section and the hostess has already rolled her eyes at their commentary as she seats them and gives me a “good luck” as I approach.  I try to ignore those comments and form my own thoughts.  Seated is the granddaughter, her mother (I come to find out is born and raised in NYC) and her mother born in Ireland.  They fussed over trying to understand the menu and picking out something they might enjoy.  They weren’t mean, maybe a touch snarky but pretty funny and certainly direct.  I just kept my cool, smiling and explaining the menu and coming back to check on them.  They liked me.  I liked them.  The daughter explained that despite her mother’s tough exterior, she’s a softy at heart.  We joked, the grandmother told me a few stories and her daughter often interrupted.  The granddaughter looked on with mild curiosity.  In the end, the daughter expressed that she just wished people were okay being direct, happy, sad, pissed off, whatever they needed to be and that others wouldn’t be so caught up in it.  Everything passes she says and if people weren’t so worried about having to be “this or that”, I think we’d all get along just fine.  I can’t argue.  I happen to like knowing where I stand with people, where ever that might be.

My time is limited in this restaurant due to the show wrapping up at the end of April and I’m looking for the next learning opportunity.  I am thinking of another restaurant or a beer focus, any ideas?