Local Inspirations (Part I)

Someone recently inquired about where I am inspired locally.  The nuts and bolts of where I enjoy tasting, drinking, spending time and in such a way I would go back repeatedly. 

This list is ever evolving and I’ll check in periodically and share the ones that are near and dear to me.  I would love to hear about your favorites.  My dream is that when we get B&H open we’ll make someone else’s list of favorite places too.
Ba Bar: My first introduction to this family establishment was in the late 90’s with their inaugural restaurant Monsoon.  Ba Bar, the newest endeavor offers Vietnamese comfort food near Seattle University.  As you enter the front door, it feels as if you’ve walked into the kitchen.  Just a few steps away you’re among the hungry diners.  The food is outstanding.  The service is delightful. 

Beloved dish: Mung bean dumplings!
Special detail: Walking in the front door and being in the kitchen
Favorite server: Grant

Mr. Gyros:  Two brothers (Sammy & Johnny) own this in Ballard and Greenwood neck of town.  I have been in a handful of times and their outgoing, genuine demeanor greets me every time.  Most visits I am welcomed by my first name and Sammy can recall what I had on the last visit.  The Greenwood space could fit in my garage while the Ballard location has a little more elbow room, and walk-up window if you’re prowling the streets after hours.

Beloved dish:  Lamb Gyro
Special detail: Customer service!
Delicious drink: Arabic mint tea
Favorite server: Sammy (just because I go to the Greenwood more often)