Penny Profiler #11

Sue Stronk.  Sue is my mom’s sister’s husband’s sister.  I don’t get to see her as often as I would like and when we do, something good is brewing with the family, usually centered around the dining room table.
Her laugh and warmth fills a room.  The impressive home she’s created is a lovely extension of her personality. Her adoration of golden retrievers, the warm sun and her garden make me happy. 

My earliest memories date back to when kids actually went door to door selling things.  My merchandise ranged from candy bars, Christmas wrapping paper, canned food drive, etc.  Sue always hooked me up and single handedly helped increase my sales by a large margin.  Her recent penny donation gives me nostalgic flash backs to yesteryear even though I’m not trying to make a sales quota or compete with my classmates for the most raised this go around.  This penny collection mission is far more personal.  Heartfelt thank you Aunt Sue.