Penny Profiler #12

Kristin Doll, or K-Doll as she’s so affectionately referred to.  We are the single ladies within our friendly tribe.  The two of us are often compared to the ornery old men in the Muppets.  She’s Statler and I’m Waldorf and we sit in our proverbial balcony seats casting commentary on much of life that passes us by.  We’ve become fast friends over such memorable activities like camping, Rummikub, Mexican Train, drinking, eating, strategizing new places to eat and drink, and pondering places we can travel to do more eating and drinking. 

Kristin is a straight shooting, no nonsense kind of gal with a wicked funny sense of humor, and one of the sweetest dogs in town, Louis.  Louis also happens to have his own website

Upon mentioning the penny project K-Doll broke it down for me.  “Listen, here’s 20 bucks.  I never have cash on me so I certainly won’t have pennies.  Go buy your own.”  Someone recently told me that it will take a $2.25 per square foot to build my penny floor.  If that’s true, I just amassed almost nine feet!  Thank you is an understatement!