Penny Profiler #17

Brad Benson and Lara Zahaba, along with their two boys Emery and Thayer.  Brad is the best big brother from another mother, I could ever ask for.  He is the methodical voice of calculated reason, and for that I love yanking his chain whenever I can.  Lara is my closest and dearest girlfriend.  Their family is precious to me.  Lara has been an extra set of eyes and ears to everything I have done personally and professionally over the last several years.  Her insight, perspective and soothing demeanor are to me like a lighthouse is to the sailor.  I am welcome in their home like another family member and if I had my druthers, Iā€™d be a permanent fixture for Sunday supper.  As for the pennies, the pictures speak for themselves.  Their oldest son Emery was SO excited to unload them for me he could barely contain himself.  I squeal with delight every single time I look at this!