Penny Profiler #8

Anne Nisbet, her husband Mark Cooley and their adorable, hunk of a pup Wilson. 
Anne and I met when I debuted at the Wine Commission way back in 1997.  Anne is an event planner/facilitator extraordinaire.  She is the Culinary Director to IPNC (International Pinot Noir Celebration: and owner of the Cookie Box (  She knows how to juggle a lot, and well!  Her background is impressive to say the least and I’ve appreciated being witness to her professional trail blazing.  Mark and Wilson are the two men in her life that while I don’t know very well, I adore.  On a recent field trip to their home to collect their generous penny collection, Mark had his beautiful homemade cheeses ripening on various counters.  I would turn into a wheel of cheese if I had that kind of gourmet distraction within reach.  I hope Malcolm isn’t reading this, but I must proclaim my crush on Wilson.  Big time.  Wilson is 160 lbs. of drooling, mush face, love.  I know he didn’t have anything to do with their lovely penny donation but he’s so cute I had to give him a shout out.