Penny Profiler #9

Kevin Kato.  I grew up in what is now called Newcastle.  Back in the day it was unincorporated King County.  Back then an inordinate part of the area was undeveloped and it was a great place to be a kid.  My neighborhood specifically, Newport Woods, had gaggles of kids fairly close in age, growing up together.  Kevin and his family lived eight houses away.  My first memories of Kevin date back to Kindergarten and we’re still close today. Separated by only eight houses, there are many memories of childhood antics, turned teenage, then collegiate, and now adult are a loving testament to our friendship.  There are countless stories I’d love to tell you about Kevin, some of which would thoroughly embarrass my dear friend.  I’ll just give him a virtual “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” on this one.  He did contribute pennies after all.