Lessons from the Floor (Part III)

By the time this entry is actually posted, the Gauguin exhibit will be over and my tenure at Taste will have drawn to a close.  During my limited time here, my sections have been filled with really nice people.  Some just stand out more than others.

Table C3, Mr. and Mrs. O’Donnell.  Familiarity was instant although the particulars were never sorted.  We guessed that our eastside roots coupled with my time at the Bellevue Athletic Club during college may have lended to the “hey I know you” feeling.   Bottom line they were a lot of fun.  Proud of themselves for taking public transit from downtown Bellevue and surprised at the ease of being dropped  on the museum's door step for their bout with the Gauguin and cocktails, they were kiddy like school kids on a well deserved date night.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching them interact together, with neighboring tables, and me of course.

Table 34 & 43, Mike and Nancy Oliver.  How busy the restaurant is and the nature of the guest dictates how much or how little I get to interact with people.  The two of them were in town from Virginia to celebrate her son getting married and adopting a baby.  Their first visit was for happy hour and they had so much fun they came back for dinner.  They cajoled, laughed, shared wine with their neighbor, and added a lovely mood to the entire restaurant.  Our paths will likely never cross again and in those parting moments when they left the table I wanted to hug them.  I’m pretty sure they would have gladly obliged.  Instead we shook hands expressing our satisfaction for have spent a few hours together.  And off they went.  

My new assignment is to work at Ray’s Boathouse for the summer.  My commute involves my own two feet this time.  I like the sound of that!