Local Inspirations (Part II)

I have been very fortunate over the years to dine out around our amazing city.  There is certainly no shortage of quality options and I will continue to chronicle my local inspirations. 

Boat Street Café: Nostalgia, sweet nostalgia.  The sweet destination that used to be by the University of Washington was a staple and today Renee’s Belltown/borderline lower Queen Anne venue is just as quaint and charming.  The lovely atmosphere is paired with an excellent menu (food and wine), not to mention some of the best wait staff in the city.  Always has and always will be a favorite pick.

Beloved dish: House made pate! 
Special detail: The interior is whimsical and romantic!  I want my house to look like this.
Delicious drink: Great French wines!
Favorite server: Shannon

Peyrassol Café:
  Sachia and her husband Scott are at the helm of this south Lake Washington gem.  For decades my parents have left the eastside in search of quality dining options and now a tiny commute yields amazing, had crafted food.  Some of you may have enjoyed Sachia’s cuisine back in the day when the original La Spiga held court in that petite corner on Broadway.  Now her menu inspires gorgeous pastas and other local delights.  I’ll gladly make the drive again and again for the food and wonderful company!
Beloved dish: Beouf Bourguignon or whatever pasta dish is available!

Special detail: A stone’s throw from Lake Washington and Gene Coulon Park
Delicious drink: Great wine list!
Favorite server: Kristi