Local Inspirations (Part III)

I’ll pay homage to the local joints that are among my favorites.  Ballard is a special annex of the city and I’m thrilled to call it home.  Here are a few of the gems that lie within the borders of this Scandinavian community…

Café Besalu: I used to live within walking distance and what a blessing and curse!  Now I still work my way over to enjoy their sweet and savory pastries.  The owner is one of the most charming, pleasant and jovial businessmen I’ve ever seen.  He folds the butter dough quietly and methodically with a smile every time.  His pleasant demeanor makes me happy and so does the permeating smell of butter and sugar!

Beloved dish: a slice of quiche
Special detail: Happy owner
Delicious drink: I’m not a big coffee/espresso drinker, but my friends tell me it’s among the best in the city too.

Delancey: I have a soft spot for pizza.  It’s more like a weakness.  Fortunately for Seattleites there are A LOT of options to choose from.  Fortunately for me, the best one in the city is stumbling distance from my home.  Delancey makes gorgeous wood-fired pizzas with quality toppings.  I almost don’t like going by myself because I can only order one pie and I really don’t like to limit myself.  The owners Brandon and Molly have created an oasis on 70th street and have attracted the national press’ attention too.  Molly has a loyal following of her own for the beautifully crafted blog Orangette (http://orangette.blogspot.com)

Beloved dish:  Tie between their regular “White Pie” vs. the seasonal Pedron
Special detail: Walking distance from home and bar addition coming soon!
Delicious drink: I LOVE Lambrusco and pizza!