Penny Profiler #18

The Reinys.  My parents are flanked by the most wonderful set of neighbors.  To the south sits Bruno and Lillian Reinys.  Neighbors now for well over 30 years, they have watched each other start families and witness their children starting careers and families of their own.  Lill is a Canadian transplant, avid reader and beloved retired teacher.  Her husband Bruno is from Lithuania, retired from Boeing and an avid cyclist, climber and hiker.  The two of them have contributed immeasurably to the good-vibe nature of Newport Woods.  They raised three amazing kids (Katherine mentioned in an earlier penny post), participated heavily in the community and known to make meals when someone wasn’t feeling well nearby.  If we could all have amazing neighbors like this, the world would be a better place.  On a recent outing to my parents house for dinner a little penny care package was awaiting from Lill & Bruno.  Each of us has a unique history that includes people who come into our lives and have a small or large part.  This penny collection from people who have touched me personally and that being somehow connected to the business I create continues to move and inspire me.  By the nature of busy lives and distance between us, Lill and Bruno are people I do not get to see very often but shared fondness knows no boundaries I suppose.