Penny Profiler #19

Cheryl and Robert Mauri.  Foodies, diners, drinkers, and hedonists extraordinaire.  I am convinced that if I can eat it, Robert can, or will try, to make it.  I have never met someone quite like him, no fears for cooking, baking, molecular gastronomy, etc.  He’s a modern day Mikey (Remember  Life cereal commercials?).  Give it to Robert, he’ll make it, and he’ll certainly eat it too. 

Cheryl, his lovely wife is my kind of gal, shares an interest in one of my favorite pastimes, being a great diner.  One of my last adventures with them was a dinner they hosted where Robert paid homage to parts of the animal others may be too scared to touch.  Menu highlights:

Sweeter than Bread Raviolio
Poached sweetbread raviolio, taleggio, mushrooms and marsala cream

Eye round and tongue cheesesteak, Beecher’s Flagship “Cheese Whiz”, and carmelized onions

Peruvian Style Beef Skewers
Grilled marinated heart and tenderloin skewers, salsa verde

As for the penny exchange, we met at the Dray for a few pints to talk food & beverage and life in general.  I went home with a back pack FULL of pennies.  Can you imagine paying for a pint of beer with pennies?  LOL.  We’d be banned from every establishment.