Penny Profiler #20

Jamie Peha.  Circa 1997 her title was Marketing Director to the Washington Wine Commission.  Mine, intern.  Back then the office was tiny and mighty – an accurate description of Jamie too!  That job and time with the WWC was pivotal for me and I really fell in love with the local wine industry and the people associated with it.  Jamie was, and still is today, a get-it-done kind of woman that isn’t afraid to get dirty as long as the job is done correctly.  Fast forward to 2008 where our paths reconnect to coordinate the annual Wine Rocks event.  Jamie is without a doubt the best large scale event planner I know.  See for yourself at   Our recent penny exchange was over a beverage to talk shop at Uptown Espresso.  Jamie and caffeine are a humorous combination.  Her satchel of coins and morning bravado were as expressive as the triple soy extra hot latte ordered at the counter.  I am indebted to her unwavering spirit and fervor.  You are one of a kind JMP!