Penny Profiler #21

Anonymous.  I received a call recently from a favorite 509 friend.  Coincidentally, I was heading east as the pennies made their way west.  The penny exchange would have been sweeter had it been in person.  With the logistical challenge we arranged for me to do a pick up at a Seattle area hotel.  The next scenario was as if it was borrowed from a movie. 

I arrive at the front desk giving my name and indicating that I have a package waiting.  She looks at me suspiciously, sizing me up and down then says “oh, you’re the one with that heavy box in the back.”  I thought to myself, what is the fuss for and how heavy can it be?  Especially when I saw the rather small (about the size of a sheet of paper and as tall as a roll of pennies) box she handed to me.  Then I felt the weight.  Holy cow.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  I explained it was a box of pennies.  She didn’t believe me.  I wish that I would have weighed the box, I’d bet anything it was an easy 30 pounds.  The look on her face was priceless. 

Thank you my dear anonymous friend.  I adore you and can’t wait for you to enjoy a pint soon.