Penny Profiler #23

Barbara Shotwell.  A spunky, charismatic and oh so effervescent woman that has traveled to more than 100 countries, published two books, fired an interior designer or did the designer fire Barbara for wanting too many colors in her room?  She’s an avid collector of books, musical instruments, and marshmallow peeps.  She attends humor and wine conferences (not together, but that might help).  This is a mere modest glimpse into my dear friend. 

If I had my druthers, our penny swap would have occurred at her lighthouse in Kingston.  It is one of my favorite places on earth.  I’m not alone, it was featured a number of years ago in the Living section of the Seattle Times. (

So instead we met for lunch at a sweet little café in Edmonds on her way to school.  Barbara has returned for continuing education classes in Political Science because she doesn’t have enough on her plate as is.  What an inspiration!