Penny Profiler #24

Rebecca Gerben & Amit Mehta.  I meet a lot of people over alcohol, it is the nature of my work.  Over the years the quantity vs quality debate has been raised.  I’ll always take the latter (for both friends and alcohol).  These two are charming examples.  Our paths originally crossed professionally while they were planning their nuptials, and as we’ve seen from earlier posts, I’ve been known to blur those lines when it’s worth it.

We have been known to imbibe with worthy cocktails (Amit is a fantastic mixologist btw), beer, vino, vermouth, and I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We swapped pennies while on a cocktail boondoggle visiting east Capitol Hill.  The mere mention of their names conjures the perfect Negroni.  Their zeal for life brings me great joy and I’m lucky to call them friends.