Penny Profiler #26

Stacey Anderson and Kevin Klein.  The very soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Klein.  Farkle is to blame.  Stacey and some of her friends took it upon themselves to whip out a travel Farkle set and get their game on at my place of business.  Well their unbridled enthusiasm and competitive spirit sealed the deal.  Thankfully it takes more than a roll of the dice to keep good friends like this around.  They are great story tellers, party throwers, campers, dinner hosts, interior decorator (sorry Kev but Stacey wins that title hands down!) Rainier beer and fine red wine drinking buddies.  They are uber passionate and a few of the best debaters I’ve ever come across. 

Our penny swap came one night as we met to discuss their wedding plans on their roof top deck.  Not a bad setting overlooking the city and quite fitting as we contemplated all of our next chapters.