Penny Profiler #34

Victoria Trimmer.  This was my first (and only, to date) delivery of pennies that arrived via Priority Mail.  You can imagine the smile on my face when I picked up the box to hear its sweet musical jingle.  I immediately knew what kind of present arrived.  The thoughtful note was too good not to share. 

β€œIn for a penny, in for a pound. If you are going to take a risk at all, might as well make it a big risk.” Once involved, one must not stop at half measures!  This term originally meant that if one owes a penny one might as well owe a pound, and came into American use without changing the British monetary unit to dollar.  

I crossed paths with Victoria when I was a mere intern, starting out in the industry more than 15 years ago.  She is a woman I often look up to with a sustained passion in all things family, wine, food, community, fishing, travel, and then some.