Local Inspirations (Part V)

It has been a little while since I last visited the topic of where I head for local inspiration.  Two recent outings instigated this post.


Belle Clementine: I think my first introduction was when I noticed a foodie friend check in on Facebook.  I had never heard of this place so I googled it and then added it to my restaurant to-do list.  It’s a never ending list btw with 73 destinations and counting.  Fast forward to my business partner and I having occasional discussions on the merits of communal dining, she spots a mention in the Seattle Times, and presto we have reservations.  We loved it. Our family style menu is included below and for $40 per person (inclusive of a glass of wine or beer AND gratuity)… I’d say this is the best foodie deal in town!

Canapé of herbed fromage blanc and house-cured gravlax
Lentil soup with pickled peppers and creme fraiche
Braised Stokesberry rabbit, raddichio, corn & chanterelles with aged balsamic
Rice salad with herbs and greens
"Cookies and Cream"

Beloved dish:  the rabbit, raddichio salad was to die for but the menu changes daily
Special detail: Owner/chef, David Sanford, invites you to join him in the kitchen as your meal is being prepared
Delicious drink: modestly appointed wine list with an abundance of tasty options

The Dray: For the love of beer!  This tiny and by tiny I mean less than 1000 square feet. Most of the local studio apartments are bigger.  But what it lacks in size it makes up in quality beers, snacks and locals hanging out there daily. 

Beloved dish: I really love their sandwich melts but my favorite is the extra-sharp white cheddar and turmeric pepper pickle relish on rustic whole wheat bread.
Special detail: dog friendly
Favorite server: Nico
Delicious drink: an easy dozen specialty beers on draught and a list of more than 80 in the bottle with show stoppers like Russian River’s Pliny the Elder (on tap as of last night) available.