Penny Profiler #35

Joy Bryngleson.  A wedding in Mexico introduced this friendship and her namesake hasn’t disappointed.  As the definition suggests:

joy (joi)

1 (a)  Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness
   (b) The expression or manifestation of such feeling
2       an outward show of pleasure or delight: rejoicing

She’s the first one to dance with strangers, chat up the grocery clerk, travel the globe solo and meet friends as she goes.  I can only hope B&H has a fraction of the joy that Joy emulates!  Her penny delivery was no exception.  They arrived in recycled jars from the kitchen and my favorite was the picante sauce can.  The pennies smelled spicy.  Not a surprise given the deliverer.  I think her new nickname should be Joy+ Spicy = Joycy.