Penny Profiler #37

Jerome & Ellie Fisher.  Oh the joys of lifelong family friends.  My dad grew up with Ellie in Ellensburg.  I’m quite positive that she’ll gladly admit she is a few years his junior.  Ellensburg was and still is a small town.  Census reports the population back then to be a little over 8,000 (circa 1950) and today it’s just over 18,000.  As a result of growing up in that small town and keeping some lifelong friends, my folks have come to share in some lasting memories with some great people and the Fishers are among them.  Embarrassing stories aside, I have to say, that while nostalgia is sweet, so is the notion that we’re afforded these sweet connections with these people through my adult perspective.  It will give me great joy to have people who saw me grow up sitting among the patrons at Brimmer & Heeltap.  At least, now I can’t get into trouble for talking to strangers.