Penny Profiler #38

Kalindi and Jonathan Thompson.  Kalindi and I met awhile back when we were preparing for the London Marathon.  Our training later expanded into our hearts and souls at weekend workshops, mentioned in earlier posts.  Certainly a great base for a lasting friendship! 

A few years ago I was thrilled to be asked to officiate their wedding.  Melding two lives, a few religions, and several families was an absolute honor, to say the least.  Kalindi’s father gave them a container of coins at their wedding with a sweet dedication.  My dear friends decided that the pennies were worthy of re-gifting to my project and all 14 lbs. of them rode shotgun from San Carlos to Seattle on a recent road trip.

Once again, I am humbled by all of my friend’s sweet, sweet gestures and look forward to this floor’s construction.  I will be such a blubbering fool for its official unveiling.