Penny Profiler #39

Cynthia Nims & Bob Burns.  And honorable mentions to the late Marian Jane Nims along with Cynthia & Bob’s brunch guests that also threw in their two cents (or more).  I am not exactly sure how I managed to cross paths with these two lovely people.  I’d imagine it was somehow related to wine and food, a repetitive theme in my life.  Cynthia is a talented writer and has published some very worthy cookbooks.  Among my favorite are the Homegrown Cookbook Series, Gourmet Game Night, and her most recent, Salty Snacks.  You can find others at

Cynthia & Bob hosted a summer brunch that I was lucky enough to attend.  The spread of food and drink was impressive and it was a delight to cross paths with so many new people.  At the end of the party they sent me home with fresh Yakima Valley cherries and pennies - some they’d personally collected, some from the party goers and some they’d salvaged from cleaning out Cynthia's late mother’s home.  The history behind them is vague but it is comforting to know that Marian liked to collect things.  In her home it would be common to have an assortment of dishes collecting things she was fond of.  My home is like that too and I wish that I could have known her mom.  For now, I’ll take comfort in having a few pennies she touched and coveted for some reason.