Penny Profiler #44

Karin & Kevin Schminke.  What do you get when you cross a talented artist ( with a clever and witty professor?  A darling couple that I am lucky to call friends! 

For the sake of this post, I’ll call Kevin ‘a collector’.  (Karin might call him something that resembles a person that doesn’t want to throw anything away.)  The history is bleak behind the impressive collection of coins deposited into the proverbial piggy bank.  Kevin’s best guess was they’ve been in storage and collected from the days when they moved in their Kenmore home 18 years ago!

Kevin is clearly a professor – I explained that I counted them as I received them so I had an idea of how many square feet I was working with.  He appropriately schooled me on how to expedite the process, “it’s simple” he said, “just weigh them.”  Well I took his advice and 173 pennies = 1 lb.  Where was he for the 43 other counting’s?