Penny Profiler #48

Ashlyn Forshner.  House sitting for a stranger is an unusual way to get acquainted with someone but it worked.  Our homes tell a lot about us and hers screamed a love of animals, food, gardens and music.  Thank goodness I have been able to dig deeper as her travels returned her to Seattle.  Southern roots give her a sweet side like “bless your heart”, while her life path lends a sort of Bette Davis attitude. 

If you’re lucky enough to rent a room from her VRBO property ( you’ll be treated to a dreamy piece of land complete with her Southern hospitality, homemade tea foraged from her property, fresh flowers, and the most delicious home cooked breakfast a girl could ever ask for.

In true Ashlyn fashion, her pennies don’t fit in with the rest.  She brought hers back from a month long excursion to France.  Dis-moi à quoi tu penses, et je te donnerai 20 sous.