Penny Profiler #49

Sarah Reker.  Have you ever heard of the artist Pimp Rekker?  There is no known relation but there is a correlation.  Sarah is a master mixer of media and marketing in such a rhythmic and funky fashion that could challenge the stylistic beats of the aforementioned Pimp.  Check it out for yourself at 

I have had the great pleasure of getting to know this amazing woman as her passions in food and wine undoubtedly collided with mine in Post Alley.  And hers, leading to a wonderful career assisting industry members with their digital sea legs. 

We break bread and drink wine when busy schedules permit and often fantasize about getting friend together for travels far away to sip the indigenous beverages, sample the nosh and meet the locals.  I’ll have to start saving more than just pennies.  Thanks to her penny saving efforts though, I’ll have her sweet mojo within the walls of Brimmer someday.