Adios Amigos!

It’s time for me to embark on a little adventure.  I am certainly open to a big adventure, just packed into nine days.  Travel is something that moves my soul.  It feeds an inner curiosity and recharges my batteries in a way I have been hard pressed to find by any other means.  I have been to only eight countries outside of the United States and some part of me yearns to see them all. 

Mid October my curiosities will take me to Spain joining one of my bestest friends on a romp through the northern country.  I have never been and have only the tales of others to tease and feed my wanderlust. 

My intentions are simple: keep my ears, eyes, and heart open to the authentic pulse of Spain.  I envision drinking a lot, laughing a lot, listening a lot, and talking a lot.  I want to come home with new bar ideas, friends and experiences I can relish for a lifetime.

Blog posts to resume upon my return…