Penny Profiler #50

Joanie Parsons. A dozen (maybe more) years ago our paths crossed via an ex-boyfriend of hers that I met on Match.  Needless to say a few chuckles have been shared over the irony.  This PR entrepreneur has taught me the finer points of elevator pitches, sustainability, turtles, and medicine cards.  She is a spirited lover of nature, animals, world travels, and eating your veggies. 

We were lucky enough to share a fence for several years and while I’m excited for the direction our lives took, I do miss the good old days.  Her fridge was known to have every known condiment on the planet. 

Our penny exchange came recently when I went to visit her downtown dwelling.  She’s officially given up the backyard and landscape for a cityscape complete with a knowledgeable doorman.  I’m officially envious.