Penny Profiler #52

Fred & Katherine Tate.  A little bit of opportunity matched with a sense of humor helped make this introduction.  The background story will help fill in the pieces.

About 13 years ago while I was working at the Washington Wine Commission I would occasionally join my elderly friend Joe for lunch at Tulio.  Our mutual love of wine led to an invitation to join him at a special winemaker dinner featuring Chinook Wines, also attended by the Tate’s.  

As the wine flowed and the night unfolded, one of them inquired if Joe and I were dating.  I practically spit my wine out with laughter.  I assured them Joe was like family and old enough to be my grandfather. We shared a few laughs on the subject and from then on stayed in touch throughout the years. 

Their interests and commitment to travel inspire me and their tenacity as a family I find remarkable.  You see, Fred, Katherine, and their two sons each have a black belt in karate.  Thankfully our penny exchange did not involve any shuto uchi’s (to the layperson known as karate chops) but rather some cocktails and pizza in the neighborhood.  Their knowledge and passion for mixology is top notch and once we get the doors open to B&H I’m going to invite them to guest bartend!