Golf Tees + Bar = Match Made in Heaven

200 Rip Stixx have now found their way into my collection thanks to Annie Moore & Melissa Anderson.   I crossed paths with these two remarkable ladies while working at Marination ma kai who are West Seattle residents and the best regulars (turned friends) a girl could ask for.   

Most people might be asking what do golf tees and a bar have in common?  Well the sad reality is that fruit flies and gnats have a tendency to show up as unwanted guests to enjoy your delicious liquor collection if you don’t do something to prevent it.  This doesn't mean the establishment is dirty, but rather the bugs are quite resourceful.

A few years ago someone mentioned the trick and ease of putting golf tees in the pour spouts versus covering everything with plastic wrap.  Health Department Approved!  The idea stuck and has been a tradition behind the scenes in most establishments I've worked. 

As a parting gift, the ladies gifted me a hefty collection of my very own in Annie’s favorite color.  Thanks girls!