Penny Profiler #59

Betty Frost. Have you ever known someone for a long time but never really known them?  Betty is someone with whom I have crossed paths for years, often at wine and food events.  I have always had an affinity for her but never really known the source since our engagements have been in passing, until now.  Betty immediately responded to my penny query and we recently sat down for a lovely breakfast.

I learned of her deep love for animals, pastry, wine, cheese, volunteering, cooking, travel, and tomatoes (in no particular order).  She has lived in England, Italy, and Peru almost counts as a place of residence. 

Her active life and mind is no doubt a magnet for my adoration.  She radiates style, confidence, warmth and charisma.  I couldn't be more thankful for our penny exchange breakfast and look forward to strengthening the existing ties.