We Have the Keys!

It’s with a measure of humility and a heap of happiness that I’m finally able to announce the official home of Brimmer & Heeltap – our take on the neighborhood gastro-pub.

The name Brimmer & Heeltap commemorates the proper pour, one that teases the top of the glass and culminates in a satisfying glimpse of the bottom. Like a good toast, Brimmer & Heeltap will be a place that evokes camaraderie – a sense of where we’ve been and where we want to arrive.

This has been a decade long ambition sustained by a life-long adoration of food and drink and the community that embraces them.  It’s been an emotional journey – challenging, edifying and ultimately, gratifying. Above all else, it’s been transformative and I am especially grateful to have shared so many illuminating experiences with you throughout.

Food, to me, is about community – an ongoing dialogue that not only sates the belly but nurtures a connection to each other and the spaces we inhabit.  Finding a venue in a neighborhood in which I feel intrinsically connected, was paramount in my search.

Serendipity, has planted me right in my backyard at the prior home of the beloved Le Gourmand/Sam Bar.  Populating the footprint of one of Seattle’s classically heralded culinary institutions feels especially fortuitous. I look forward to collaborating new epicurean adventures.

The Brimmer & Heeltap philosophy is couched in much of the same culinary aesthetics as Le Gourmand – exceptional cuisine and craft beverages garnered from smart, local, and environmentally progressive purveyors.  Where Le Gourmand was a high-end destination, Brimmer & Heeltap thrives to be a neighborhood institution where people are able to participate any given day of the week.  Our menu was drafted with an emphasis on quality at an accessible price point.

Our anticipated opening is not slated until November however we can't wait for you to pull up a seat and share in Chef Mike’s locally inspired innovations and our bartender's concoctions one day soon.