Family Meal, B&H Style

Community is of utmost importance to us and breaking bread is the best way we know how.  Every shift, as a pillar of Brimmer & Heeltap, Chef Mike and his team create a Family Meal for the entire crew to enjoy prior to or after service, which is then put onto our “late night” menu (10 pm-12am) for the community to devour.

The crux of family meal is for it to be a nourishing plate, something that will help sustain us throughout service (not to mention always being unique and delicious).  Some recent plates include a sweet/spicy beef burger dripping with house made aioli and Asian slaw. Of course there is Mike’s ramen, a Sunday late-night staple, that includes a six minute egg, kimchi brussels sprouts, ginger and succulent pork belly. There’s a reason this one in particular is offered every Sunday night!  One of my recent favorites is Sous Chef Lieu’s take on her grandmother’s fish stew.  Lieu makes a homemade fish stock, in this instance rockfish and shrimp as the base, and packs it full of fish chunks and hearty vegetables. I ran back to the kitchen upon tasting this, inquiring how to make it in hopes of recreating it at home (although probably in vain-sigh) because it was that good!  The culinary team puts so much thought and creativity into their plates with the honest desire to share it with not only us, but with each of you as well. What We Eat You Eat!

Grubbing on Family Meal before shift also provides a great opportunity for us to convene as a family in a “pre-shift”.  A casual dialogue between Jen, Mike and the crew, we often highlight upcoming events, sample new wines and beers we are entertaining (and with so many awesome breweries and distilleries we will always attempt to offer something fresh and relevant), go over nightly specials (including our frequently changing and always inspiring seasonal seafood and daily toast), reflect on some of the press we have been receiving, and more often than not cracking jokes as we lighten the mood before service.

The team at Brimmer & Heeltap is humbled by the love the community, bloggers, papers and magazines have been sharing with us. There is always a certain degree of nerves upon opening ones doors for the first time hoping the community feels the same passion we do for our new home. Thank you Eater Seattle, The Stranger, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Serious Eats, My Ballard and many more for your TLC! The feedback so far has been super positive, instilling in us a continuous aim to keep growing and striving for greatness so we can be your neighborhood home away from home. Thank You!