In Remembrance of Sharlene Pulst

Goodbyes have never been my strong suit.  Sharlene was someone that was not only my childhood friend but also a vital member of the B&H family.  To my crew, she was our caring bookkeeper and we are mourning the loss of someone so special.

I have known her as long as my memory will allow me to recall. Her family lived around the corner only a few houses away allowing us free reign to share dolls, stickers, homework, bus rides, stories of first kisses, gossip of every kind, and Christmas wish lists to name a few. We went trick-or-treating, rode bikes to Dairy Queen, built forts, played hide-n-seek, camped in the backyard, and replayed the same song until we knew every word.  The rule between the houses was that if the street lights came on or if we heard our dads whistle, it was time to come home. We each had our stalling techniques to prolong the inevitable. As we entered our teens the scheming became more elaborate. The life stories we shared proved that adulthood was upon us and our friendship grew stronger.  Neither of us could have predicted that one day we’d work together.

I feel more lucky than sad at this moment knowing that I had a friend so special that makes saying goodbye so incredibly hard. 

There’s a saying that we die twice.  The first is when we stop breathing and a second time, when somebody says your name for the last time.  Thankfully, Sharlene has touched the lives of so many people that the stories we get to share will allow us to celebrate her spirit and good character for as long as we live. 

You will be sorely missed my dear friend.