Upon Reflection

Going into business for ourselves and helping to create community through food and beverage is the best decision we ever made.

There is a blind faith necessary to leap off that proverbial cliff and as a friend once said, “jump and trust that the net will appear.”

Despite amazing coaches, colleagues, and mentors, no one can prepare you for the pressure, sacrifice, fear, nerves, responsibility, or knowledge required navigating these waters.

Conversely, it is heartwarming to see a successful first date evolve into a budding romance before our eyes.  Not to mention the handful of regulars that transition from acquaintance to friend with us and each other.  We witness bonds created with our crew, vendors, and neighbors. 

With the holidays and our anniversary on our heels, we are reminded that it is a time defined by a heap of gratitude and a pinch of humility.

On behalf of the relationships that have already been fostered, we hope that you will continue to bring in the people you are grateful for, curious about, excited for, thinking of doing business with, or just time by yourself as you juggle the busy outside world. 

We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to be in business on this little corner of Ballard and we hope that the coming year brings deeper connections and moderate growth.