Mr. Old Year

Looking back over a span of time is a humbling exploration. So much life happens within an hour, much less in a day, or in a week, or beyond.

I am a firm believer in the haves vs. the have not’s and B&H is certainly no exception. January 15, 2016 will mark our 2nd Anniversary and it is critical for us to take pause and thank our incredibly talented team, our beloved guests, and dedicated vendors. For without you, none of this would be possible.

2015 has been a tale of expansion and fostering relationships. There are countless fond memories that make up the year, however, these are just a few that I am partial to...

Construction began in the early months of the year converting a nearly hundred year old free-standing building into a workable dining and storage room with an expanded patio. The space has exceeded our expectations and we are so grateful for the walls being filled with laughter, creative minds, celebrations, and the kind of juju that gives a building a sense of energy and place. 

In an era of same day deliveries, FaceTime, texting, instant chat, and more, tugging at our NOW factors… restaurants have the opportunity to provide a be-in-the-moment type of connection. Whether it is to a dish or beverage that is handmade or to another human being, there is an exchange, and that pause in your day contributes greatly to a much bigger and vital picture we are thrilled to be a part of.

As most of you know, our menu is also a postcard. We love that you have taken the time to handwrite a note to someone in your life. To date, we have mailed them to almost 300 cities nationwide and more than 20 countries worldwide. Keep up the great work!

Chef Mike and the culinary team continue to build amazing flavors and dazzle us with seasonal treats. Some of our favorite dishes of the year included…

Prawn cocktail with scallion-wasabi sauce

Celery salad with boiled local peanuts, soy pickled leeks, sesame soy vinaigrette, szechuan peppercorn

Braised collard greens with fermented garlic, house cured & smoked lardons.
We weren’t alone in our love for this dish as Rebekah Denn gave it a generous nod,
including the recipe in the Seattle Times

In commemoration of our anniversary, each year we will produce a limited edition screen print highlighting local artists with net proceeds benefitting a local cause.  One hundred prints are handmade, numbered, and autographed by the artist. We still have a handful of first year posters from artist Mike Klay that would make a great gift, benefitting the Ballard Food Bank. Purchase yours by clicking here

As 2016 rapidly approaches, instead of creating expanded to-do lists or resolutions, consider letting go of something. Perhaps an old belief that no longer serves you? Is there an old worry tugging at your sleeve that you’re tired of listening to? Do you have fear for the unknown and you’re ready to try something new? By doing so, you can make space emotionally and physically for amazing things.

This is a ritual that some of our dear friends and regulars have as this as their welcome to the New Year. They even take it a step further and write them down to burn ceremoniously at midnight. Perhaps you and yours can add a champagne toast? We can raise a glass to new thoughts and ideas!

As we close out one year and reflect upon the amazing changes and growth we have experienced it is exciting to briefly look ahead and see what’s to come in 2016:

  • Our hours will change to 5 - 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, 5 pm - midnight Friday & Saturday, closed Tuesday.
  • Save-The-Date for our anniversary dinner on Friday, January 15th. Rumor has it Chef Mike and the culinary team are working on a throwback menu for the night. It’s never too early to save your seat by making a reservation. We will unveil our new artist, commemorative poster, and local charity at this event.
  • Brunch is on the brain and we’ve been menu testing with you each Sunday. Our goal is to roll out Brunch Friday-Sunday by early Spring.

On behalf of the entire Brimmer & Heeltap family, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We look forward to connecting sooner than later.
Much love and gratitude,