Crew Spotlight: Dawn Shelley

Dawn has been an important member of the Brimmer & Heeltap team for nearly two years.

Dawn has been an important member of the Brimmer & Heeltap team for nearly two years.

Dawn Shelley has been part of the Brimmer & Heeltap team for almost two years! Our regular guests would agree that her smiling face and positive attitude are absolutely infectious, and all of us can appreciate the level of energy and humor she brings to work with her each day.

A Seattle native, Dawn has been working in the hospitality industry locally for years; Liberty Bar, Lottie’s Lounge, and Caravan Crepes are just a handful of the various bars and eateries she’s gained invaluable experience at. “I love the opportunity I have to impact or shape someone’s day,” she says, about her favorite part of working in restaurants and bars. 

Outside of work, Dawn keeps busy as a student at Green River College, where she is working hard to earn her certification as an occupational therapy assistant (OTA). After speaking to other occupational therapists prior to enrolling in the program, she became immediately inspired by how holistic and client-centered the healthcare practice is. Dawn enjoys being social and working with people in a personalized and connected way, qualities that make this career path a perfect one for her. Just like her ability to shape someone’s experience as a server at B&H, Dawn was drawn to occupational therapy because of how it will allow her to empower patients on social and emotional levels, as well as improve their overall wellbeing.

For fun, Dawn says that she likes to do “typical Seattle things” like going on hikes and to concerts. She’s also a self-described “cupcake nerd” who makes elaborate, meticulously decorated cupcakes just for fun in her rare free time. She says she’s the first person her friends call when they’re hosting a party and need something special and sweet.

Make sure to say hello to Dawn on your next visit to B&H!


Author: Caitlyn Edson

Images: Will Foster Photography