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Ballard Food Bank

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A number of years ago, while Brimmer & Heeltap was still a concept, I wanted to incorporate more volunteering into my schedule. The Ballard Food Bank was appealing to me for their desire and ability to help the community around me.

On my first official day however, I was not prepared to feel the impact of their efforts quite so profoundly. Just down the street from their main location on 70th and 24th, a nearby church let them use their basement to ensure that folks who needed to receive food during non-working hours had a place to go. This pop-up food bank met the needs of our neighbors during the 2008 economic down-turn.

Hunched near the arranged tables, I spotted a senior neighbor of mine rummaging through one of the apple bins. If he recognized me, he never acknowledged it and I still feel a lump of emotion in my throat when I think about him. I didn’t want to embarrass him by acknowledging his need and I felt awful for trying to avoid contact in that moment.

Living where we do, it might be easy to assume how much abundance is at our fingertips. Sadly the growth of any region can have negative impacts on those around us. Rising rents, utilities, property taxes, and general living expenses lend to the needs of these clients. The Ballard Food Bank alone serves over 1,200 people a week throughout Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne, thirty two percent of which are seniors and eleven percent are children.

With our help, their offerings include:

  • A healthy assortment of groceries and hygiene supplies in a welcoming environment
  • Home delivery service of groceries to elderly and/or disabled clients
  • Cooking demos during food bank hours, featured recipes, and cooking classes
  • Emergency financial assistance for rent, utilities, identification cards, and mailbox services
  • Connection with local schools (elementary, middle, and high schools) to provide weekend food for students who are food insecure 

On Thanksgiving morning, Brimmer & Heeltap will have a team in the annual Turkey Trot. Some of our crew, regulars, and friends, will unite to help raise awareness and funds for those in need.

The Turkey Trot is the largest annual fundraiser for the Ballard Food Bank and we ask you to please consider donating or joining our team. Any contribution is so greatly appreciated.

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