Penny Profiler #5

Meet Dan and Gail Buquicchio, and the late Marilyn Garlisch (Gail’s mom).  Dan entered my life first, circa 2000.  He was my mother’s chiropractor and I had just fallen down a set of stairs and needed some “alignment”.  I got much more.  Dan is a New Yorker with an unbridled passion and verve I was immediately drawn to.  He loves travel, food, wine, good company, and laughs at all my bad jokes.  I didn’t meet his wife for several years until our circles collided with mutual friends.  Gail is the big sister I wish that I’d always had.  She is intuitive, wise beyond her years, and one of the most graceful women I know.  Gail’s mom, with whom she was very close to, passed away eight years ago. 

A little background on Gail’s mom Marilyn… She kept a daily gratitude journal and her list often included very simple things like a hot cup of coffee, a great thunder & lightening storm, or grander things like the thrill of watching the winner of the Kentucky Derby cross the line, or her beloved Cubs or Chicago Bears win a game.   She loved music, people, food & drink, and most of all she loved to laugh.  

Now fast forward and Gail is without our mom.  She needed a sign that her mom was still watching over her and suddenly began to find pennies in random places.  Hence the shiny pennies.  This is their little nod to each other.  Gail has a moment of silence and reflects on of the woman she loves so deeply.  Gail has given me the pennies collected from this exchange.  To say that I feel honored or humbled is an understatement.  I wish that I had met her mom.  From the stories I’ve heard, I know we’d get along famously.  Thanks to all three of you!