Penny Profiler #45

Jennifer or Jen, but definitely not Jenny, Miller. I also owe a shout out to the fabulous men in her corner, Andrew, Mitch, and Austin. I have known Jen almost my entire life.  Her family moved in when we were just babies.  Today I have seen her babies grow up and we’ve played witness to just about every high & low in each others lives.  There are a myriad of inside jokes and nostalgic tales of yesteryear.  We have countless embarrassing moments documented in the mind’s eye, maybe even a few on film.  Our history might read like a Judy Blume and Huck Finn novel combined.  This penny installation would not be complete without a few anchors in my life and Jen is among them. Now if only we were neighbors and could go play Sardines or Truth or Dare for old time sake!