Garden Expansion

When I was initially contacted about the property for sale where Le Gourmand had long called its home, I wasn't interested. It seemed smaller than I'd hoped and too compartmentalized for an open floor plan. Other industry comrades had also walked away from making offers. The broker however, keenly suggested that I come down in person to turn her down.

Standing inside the vacant walls, I felt an instant connection. I could see the potential unfolding before my eyes. The bones of the building called out to me as if they were my ancestors.

Lucky for us the outcome was a positive one. We have now lived in the space for a little over a year to witness the seasons, trends, our guests, and their needs. Some of you may have already seen the commotion happening to the rear of the property as construction is underway for us to expand the garden area.

A 400 square foot studio sits to the rear of the garden and at one point sat under the Ballard Bridge. Le Gourmand used it to store their impressive wine collection, dry storage, and office. Until recently, it was our pantry and is now being refurbished to welcome special events, private parties, and seasonal overflow. The new space will have its own bar with interior and covered exterior seating.

We will keep you posted on our progress and look forward to welcoming you to the new digs in early summer.

Thank you for your continued support,