Anxiety, Nerves, & Emotions

No one can prepare you for the range of emotions that go into starting a business.  Sure you can take classes on how to create a business or marketing plan, budgeting 101, bartending,  or human resources, but no training manual is set up to prepare you for the emotional roller coaster.

The encouragement is bleak.  Restaurants are among the ten most risky businesses to start and most of them fail.  The pressure, responsibility and duty to do it right is heavy. 

Do you recall the Tortoise and the Hare fable?  ‘The race is not to the swift'. The obstinate Tortoise continues to the finishing line and is proclaimed the swiftest by his backers. In any case, my natural tendency on projects errs on the side of the hare.  Move swiftly and expedite the processes. However, today, my intuition, business coach, and industry mentor tell me that I need to be patient.  Keep focused.  Do not give up.  Slow and steady is a good thing.  So while my intellect knows that I cannot rush this process, my ego and heart feels harnessed.  

At times I feel discouraged and frustrated.  While the support from my family, friends, and acquaintances is what keeps me going there are times when I have to hide my frustration when there is no news to report as I’m asked for updates. 

There are substantial financial burdens associated with this endeavor that stay on the front burner of my emotions too.  Every penny that I spend out of pocket now, is a penny that I don’t get to spend later on the project.

By nature I am a planner and I have to readjust for next month, or three months from now because I have no idea when the space could come up.  It takes center stage in my life and sometimes that sucks.  I am getting good at responding to requests with “I don’t know right now, I’ll let you know as the date draws near.”

Please note: this post certainly is not intended as a pity party but rather an honest account of the range of emotions associated with this endeavor and I want to truthfully document this progression.